General terms and conditions

The customer (you) and Eventyr i friluft AS (“we” or “us”) agree on the terms and conditions for rental and use of the items stated on the booking confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms and conditions apply.

Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding when you receive the booking confirmation. This can be given orally, in written or after filling out a form on our website. When you book we ask you to give us some personal details. It is important that you give us a correct e-mail address, as we send the booking confirmation to the address you provide in the form.

Arrival and departure / Pickup and delivery

Time for arrival and departure (sleep in tree tent) or pickup and delivery (equipment rentals) may vary and we refer to the booking confirmation and correspondance with us for further details about this.

Cancellation or no-show

It is not possible to cancel a booking and in case of no-show you will not have any refund of what is paid. If we agreed on later payment we may claim a full payment according to your booking confirmation.

Our obligations

If we are not able to provide what you have booked we will inform you about this as soon as possible and offer a change of your booking, free of charge. In case we can not find a new time, you are entitled to a full refund.

Examples of cases where we might not provide what is booked are if the weather is bad or if restrictions that are out of our control applies. In such cases we may need to cancel a booking on very short notice.

Pricing and payment

The prices for our services are always presented and up to date on our websites. For most of our services we do prepayments and we require you to pay within 48 hours after receiving the booking confirmation. We accept payments through Vipps mobile payment and bank transfer.


For all our services, including the overnight in tree tent, you as customer have the responsibility for the safety and to use the equipment in a safe way.

For our service, sleep in tree tent, we set up the tent in a place we consider safe and control the set up before the check-in. You as customer still have to check that everything is safe and you are safe with the surroundings.

Nature is open for everybody and you are responsible for all your personal belongings. We are responsible for everything that belongs to us.

Right to roam (Allemannsretten)

In Norway everybody are allowed to access the nature under the principles of “Right to roam” or “Allemannsretten” in Norwegian. We expect our customers to follow the laws and local regulations. You can read more about the right to roam on the website of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Processing of personal data

Eventyr i friluft AS processes personal data provided by those who make use of our services and products. Eventyr i friluft AS is the data controller for personal data relating to your booking. Processing of personal data is done according to our privacy policy and we expect you to read this to understand how we process your personal data, as well as your right associated with this.